New shop and I sure wish I could figure out my website

So much has been happening...

I finally found a new home...510 West Main Street in Greenwood Missouri-close enough to our real home that I can walk or ride my bike!!  We opened in November and are plugging away!  So excited to spread our wings!

Now if I can just figure out how to get my contact page working.....hummmmmm

Thanks for your patience and happy Saturday!


my time in vancouver

last year for the month of October, i took an extended vaca and stayed with my parents on Bowen Island, a small island off the coast of Vancouver BC...amazing!  it was the best thing i had done for myself in a long time...

although i visit my parents once or twice a year, my kids and i are usually only able to stay a few days...but this trip had a different purpose.  i really needed to reevaluate my life-an empty nester thing and i can't believe i am even saying that, but that was truly what it was

i would recommend to anyone, a getaway-even if just a few days or a few hours, to step back and refocus...

what i realized is how much i wanted to do something to promote happiness, not just for myself, but for others...and one of those outlets could possibly be flowers.  it was something i had been thinking about for a while and had taken a few classes over the past year, but i decided to commit to a full blown 84-hour here we are!  i have loved every minute and it was a wonderful compliment to my ribbon business...thanks for joining me!!